Saturday, 30 March 2013

My Free Ipod Touch 4TH Generation 16GB

Many sites today offer you the free stuff but they will require you to complete surveys for the points. And these points will never get paid. But with the site I'm about to present to you, you will get paid your points/cash instantly. I wouldn't waste my time and make this site if it didn't work. Now, if you know that you will only have to spend a couple hours a day to get YOUR FREE IPOD TOUCH, then you will not hesitate. Some sites will offer you free stuff upon completion of surveys and offers.

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What is special about this site is that you DONT need to use a credit card/debit card or whatever. The only information they need is your house address (to send your item..duh!). This is totally FREE.

You don't have to do surveys if you don't want to. There are loads of free earning opportunities on this site. From games to mobile apps. You can even download games on your IOS/ANDROID for points!

Lets say you go on this site 2hours a day? And you make 300 points? Ok, so that's 300 points a day which is 9000 points a month! (300points a day x 30 days = 9000)
That's $90 right there a month for just 2hrs of your free time a day! WHO WOULD SAY NO TO THAT?

100 points = $1
100 points = 0.60p (British Pounds Sterling)

Some Unique features Points2shop has:

  • Instant paypal withdrawal
  • $2.50 upon sign up to buy something from amazon to show the site is legit!
  • Buy ANYTHING from amazon with the points you earn
  • A shout box to talk to members online
  • A mature community
  • Admins and moderators always online
  • Open to nearly every country
  • Orders approve for shipping within 1-3 days

Below is of me unboxing my free IPOD Touch 4TH Generation 16GB Only 13125 points! ( just over a month to make and only consumed 2hrs a day of my time!)